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"I Dreamt You Felt It Too" is an original 20x20" oil painting on stretched cotton canvas.


"I Dreamt You Felt It Too" is a landscape of the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is a landscape that holds a special place in my heart, and when I first met my husband he also expressed his love for the area. I first visited back in 2018 and quickly fell in love with how at ease and at home I felt in its towering rocky location. Every year since we have gone back to explore the Black Hills that have found a home in my and my husband's heart. This last trip to the area was the first time and first vacation without Manuka (my original heart dog) trotting by our sides. I wished his spirit followed us to all his favorite locations. Thus this painting is dedicated to wishing that all our loved ones (who aren't with us are on our adventures) feel the dreams we bring them on, and for a slight moment hope their spiritual presence is felt.


*Prints of this original can be purcghased here.

*Item is not out of stock. It will hang at the Loveland Museum from Sept. 29th- Nov 5th. Purchases can be made through the museum.


I Dreamt You Felt It Too: Original

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