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*This painting is not Out Of Stock. It can be purchased at Main & West in Downtown Fort Collins.


"Engine Trouble" is an original 20x30" oil painting on stretched cotton canvas. Prints of this original can be purchased here.


"Engine Trouble" is a reminder that some days are more challenging to hold onto our cherished desires. When it comes to mountaineering the views get increasingly gorgeous the closer we get to the top. However, the oxygen level becomes thinner. Making the simple task of breathing your forefront concern. Having a successful summit requires the investment in oxygen, and/or the proper training beforehand, but most importantly the increasing desire and will to reach the top. This painting is of the highline trail in Glacier National Park in Montana. I loved that the beargrass in the fields reminded me of ice cream stacked high in an ice cream cone. As if each were a celebration to every struggle conquered to make the summit.

*Comes unframed

Engine Trouble: Original

  • "Engine Trouble" is part of a developing wildflowers series called "Go Where You Grow". We all have that special place, person, and/or thing that makes us feel most alive and true to ourselves. Some haven't found that yet and are in the search. This series pays homage to those who go searching for the life best suited for them. Those who choose not to grow where they are planted. Instead know some locations and people will create a thriving fulfilled life and are crafting the ideal life suited for them.

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