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"Only the Wild Ones" is an original 30x20" oil painting on stretched cotton canvas. 


Growing up on the east coast I knew it wasn't the place where I felt most alive. Some years ago I decided to live in a converted van, traveling the US with my Australian Shepherd, searching for the place where I belonged. As soon as I made it west I felt like I was blossoming. I lived in that van for over two years narrowing down which locations made me the happiest. In all that time Colorado kept calling me back. I finally moved out of my van when I met my now husband in Colorado. We continue to travel together with our two Australian Shepherds, because we know (for us) we need both stability and travel to make us the best versions of ourselves.

Only the Wild Ones: Original

  • "Only the Wild Ones" is part of a developing wildflowers series called "Go Where You Grow". We all have that special place, person, and/or thing that makes us feel most alive and true to ourselves. Some haven't found that yet and are in the search. This series pays homage to those who go searching for the life best suited for them. Those who choose not to grow where they are planted. Instead know some locations and people will create a thriving fulfilled life and are crafting the ideal life suited for them.

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