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"Rest My Bones" is an original 20x30" oil painting of Catalina State Park in Tuscon, AZ. 


My paintings start with me going on a journey. A journey into the world, away from civilization, and into nature. In these adventures, I find my muse and sometimes more. On this specific adventure, I was out celebrating my 36th birthday. I was hiking with my husband and our two Aussies while on a week-long vacation exploring the southwest. We spotted many migratory birds (some of which are depicted in the clouds in this painting), and I had hoped to find a super bloom of spring flowers. As we rounded a corner while hiking in Catalina State Park we came upon the most spectacular sight of poppies in bloom. They graced the base of saguaro cacti reaching for the ski with Mountain Lemmon in the distance. We halted our hike so we could soak in all of the beauty. It truly was the best muse but beyond that, it was food for my soul, and where I would be happy to rest my bones.


*Comes unframed

"Rest My Bones" Original

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