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Choose your size print of "Towers and Salty Mountains" 8x8" unframed print, or 12x12" print unframed.

Prints are reproduced at various sizes and available in limited quanities of 50 prints each.


Stickers of this print can be purchased here

The original painting is SOLD. 

*This is a reproductionprint of an original painting by Mallory Cash 

"Saint Mary's Evening" Print

  • Looking for a vibrant landscape piece for the living room or office? The Hot Summer Days series is the perfect set to adorn your walls. Your friends will love your cheerful addition. Be sure to send them my way if they want one for their home.



    Saint Mary's Evening is inspired by my visit to Glacier National Park. At the time I was living and traveling out of my coverted van. The days visit in the park was filled with wonders and joys. Camping that evening was a long bumpy dirt road that lead me to this location. Gazing down into the mouth of Saint Mary is where the sun set. The landscape came alive as the day came to an end. It is truly one of my favorite feelings  to watch the day come to an end in the silence of nature. 

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