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The Story of Mallory Cash 

Mallory Cash is known for vibrant oil paintings that bring impressionistic joys. She once lived in a converted van traveling the US where she gained much inspiration for the landscape paintings she creates today. However, she was not painting the vibrant landscape paintings at that time. She started her solopreneur career painting custom pet portraits. Her vibrant landscape work started after she moved out of her van and the pandemic hit. The desire to create something different and uplifting grew strong and grew into the work she creates today. Now living in her dream home in Loveland, Colorado with her husband and two Aussies they continue to travel to find inspiration for Mallory's next vibrant landscape painting. 


Mallory has maintained a full-time art career since 2016 with a growing collectors list. Her work resides in homes throughout the US, Canada, Virgin Islands and Africa. She has shown work at the Smithsonian Textiles Museum, assisted in creating exhibits at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, and had a hand at creating the podium that Hillary Clinton announced she would run for presidency on. Working as a solopreneur has been her vocation, and creating uplifting works has been her life's joy. You can read more about Mallory Cash's journey in various interviews starting with CanvasRebelVoyageDenver and ShoutOutColorado.

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