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*Painting is not Out Of Stock. It is for sale at the Rayback Collective in Boulder, CO.

"Sunrise Is My Favorit Color" is an original 30x20" oil painting on stretched cotton canvas. It is a depiction of Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.


Many know that the paintings I create are of places I have been to. On this day's exploration I remember waking up before daylight in hopes to meet the sun as it peeked over the distant horizon. However, dark clouds loomed, making me think the sun wouldn't be prevalent. Patients prevailed and the sun put on the most spectacular show as it broke through the clouds. The Mesa arch in front of me came to life with vibrant colors as the granite below danced a spectacle resembling a river's flow. It is a sight that I continue to feel six years later. This is one landscape that you don't need to have witnessed the experience yourself. To feel a connection to a piece of art is the first step to enjoying it in your own home.


*Comes unframed

"Sunrise Is My Favorite Color" Original

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