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"Scroll to see the talent of @MalloryCashArt , I couldn't be happier! Check out her page and spoil yourself with a special hand painted canvas (I clearly did), or surprise a pawrent with a special gift. Mallory is so easy to work with, and her turn around time is faster than Ruby stealing from the kitchen counter! My favorite wall in the house now features all my fur babies (don't worry, it features the human babies too)"

- Colleen Klinker


"@MalloryCashArt painted this beautiful portrait of our beloved Ruca Bear and she captured her so puuuurrrrfectly, right down to the freckles on her nose! Mallory is easy to work with, communicated every step of the way, and had this at my doorstep so fast! I HIGHLY recommend that you treat yourself or a loved one to her custom work." 

- Jessica Naka


"The portraits of my fur babies are phenomenal! The details are perfect, down to the texture of the eyebrow wisps. I hung the portraits without telling my husband about them, trying to give a huge surprise... He is totally not surprised that I commissioned portraits of our dogs. But he does enjoy them and said how talented Mallory is! And I agree!"

- Susan Moore McGann

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