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"Let's Be Still" is an original 20x20" oil painting on stretched cotton canvas. Prints of this original can be purchsed here.


"Let's Be Still" is a reminder to take the time to slow down and get lost in life's little moments. The world at times spins a little too fast. If you don't slow down you might miss out on life's little beauties. By making time to honor and appreciate life's little beauties our lives become enriched, and who doesn't want a more enriched life?

*Comes unframed

*Painting is not Out Of Stock. It is for sale at the Sweetheart Winery in Loveland, CO.

Let's Be Still: Original

  • "Let's Be Still" is part of a developing wildflowers series called "Go Where You Grow". We all have that special place, person, and/or thing that makes us feel most alive and true to ourselves. Some haven't found that yet and are in the search. This series pays homage to those who go searching for the life best suited for them. Those who choose not to grow where they are planted. Instead know some locations and people will create a thriving fulfilled life and are crafting the ideal life suited for them.

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